Many of you have heard our story: I opened Holcomb Law back in 2010 as a solo practice venture, working with a one-person staff, and taking literally any case that walked through the door. Now we have 9 attorneys, 4 paralegals, an office manager, a bookkeeper, an intake specialist, and a director of client happiness. For the last 10 years, I have worked hard to attract the type of clients that I am proud to represent – and you are one of them.


When I was thinking about creating a VIP program, it was you – and clients just like you – who came to mind.

Not all of our clients and former clients are invited into this exclusive club – in fact, it’s a pretty small percentage. I wanted to create a program for our best clients that was aimed at making their lives, and those of the people they care about, better.


Please accept my formal invitation to join the Holcomb Law VIP Program. This exclusive membership grants you not only free consultations for a variety of matters for yourself and those you refer, but there are SO MANY other advantages such as:


  • FREE Consults for any future matter (Up to a $300.00 Value)
  • FREE Consults for your friends and family
  • FREE “Random Gifts of Kindness”
  • FREE Review of any contracts
  • FREE Notary service
  • FREE Evaluation of any Personal Injury matter
  • And more!


“But what’s the catch?” There is absolutely no catch.


The program is completely free and is a “thank you” for being such an incredible client. It’s been an honor to serve our community over the years.

Wayne I’d Like to Join Your VIP Program!

But it sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is absolutely no catch. Our program is completely free. It is my “thank you” for being such an incredible client. I am excited to be able to give back and help our community in ways that I didn’t think possible in 2010. I’m confident that the Holcomb Law VIP Program will be a great help to you, your family and your friends for life!

P.S. You can expect more useful benefits, fun surprises and exciting giveaways throughout the year with the Holcomb VIP Program. You’ve experienced the Holcomb Law difference, now let us wow you again!      (757) 656-1000